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Steinbach Nutcrackers & Smokers, Erzgebirge Nutcracker & Smoking Men,
German Beer Steins & Schaller Papier Mache

Steinbach GmbH (Steinbach Nutcracker Company) filed bankruptcy in the spring of 2015.

Sadly, after 200 years and 6 generations, they are no longer producing nutcrackers and smokers.

We will not be receiving any more Steinbach products.

Stock is limited and selling out quickly. 

Steinbach Nutcracker  German Beer Stein  German Christmas Arches  Erzgebirge German Nutcrackers  Ino Schaller Paper Mache Belsnickle  Steinbach Christmas Smoker  Russian Nesting Dolls
Steinbach Nutcrackers       German Beer Steins       Christmas Arches       German Nutcrackers     Papier Mache      Steinbach Smokers       Nesting Dolls     

German Steinbach nutcrackers are our specialty. Each nutcracker is hand crafted and imported from Germany. Our nutcrackers and other German collectibles are shipped to you directly from our United States supplier.
Among our many German collectibles are:

    Decorative nutcrackers have been crafted by the Steinbach family for almost 200 years. Steinbach nutcrackers are highly collectible and the name "Steinbach" is recognized all over the world for being a quality nutcracker maker. Each Steinbach nutcracker and incense smoker is hand crafted by a German craftsman, with great attention being paid to every nutcracker detail. Steinbach uses all German materials and workmanship when creating a decorative nutcracker.

Erzgebirge nutcrackers and smoking men are crafted in the Ore Mountain (Erzgebirge) area of Germany. Erzgebirge nutcrackers and smokers are crafted by quality makers such as KWO and Glaesser. Many German nutcracker craftsmen are actual descendants of the original nutcracker carvers of a century ago.
Ino Schaller Paper Mache Belsnickels (German candy containers) are also crafted in Bavaria, Germany. The Ino Schaller family has been crafting paper mache Santa belsnickels and decorations for over a century. German candy containers are a long standing part of Christmas traditions. History shows that belsnickle gift-giving dates back even more than a century. 
German beer steins are also collectible and made by German makers Zoeller and Born, King-Werks, Zimmerman and Thewalt. They use all German materials and workmanship when crafting their beer steins.

Remember the nutcracker collector in your life and shop early for the best selection of nutcrackers. We are continually adding more collectibles so be sure to check back often!

In addition to our newest Steinbach and KWO nutcracker releases, we have recently extended our collectibles line. Along with traditional German nutcrackers, smokers and belsnickles, we now carry Russian Nesting Dolls, and Russian Carved Santa figurines for your holiday decorating needs. Be sure to check out the quality hand crafted Russian items as well as our traditional German decorations.   

Whether you are looking for a special gift for a Steinbach nutcracker collector, or a unique German gift for a loved one, we are sure to have something to please. Don't forget, if you can't make a decision on which German collectible to buy, you can always give a gift certificate and let the fortunate recipient select the perfect gift.

For more information about A German Collectibles Haus'  Steinbach nutcrackers and other German collectibles, please contact us.